Edamame tofu arame Salad & a Flashback

  Edamame tofu arame Salad & a Flashback  

A flashback from 2009

One of those trips I travelled with P along his business trips.

In the plane, flying from Basel to London.

Air hostess came to distribute the Landing cards.

Filling the Landing card as usual until ……….

Family name: CHING

First Name: JANET

Sex: F

DOB: 11/06/XXXX

Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Nationality: HKSAR

Occupation/ Profession: OOOOPS, what should I write here?

I have written International Product Manager or Marketing for some years and now I am not entitled to write that anymore. I think I can still write Marketing isn’t it? I struggled a long time to decide what to put in.

P smiled. You have difficulty to write “housewife”, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s kind of hard to write this word in this field, afterall, I am a professional, right, haha. Housewife sounds so intimidating.

Put in ‘marketing’ then if it makes you feel more comfortable.

But what if they asked what am I doing in UK, what should I say? …….

After these many years, now it’s 2014. This scene flashback to my head recently. There are two more terms I can use but I dislike them all too: stay-at-home-mom or CEO Mom.

When I stopped working for the first two years, many friends and ex-colleagues asked me if I miss working? I found it hard to give a definite answer. I would not say I don’t miss it totally frankly speaking. I still have dreams about all kinds of work situations from the past, hilarious.

Having said that since I stopped working, I see things differently. For example, there are some beautiful plants and small things which actually exist all the time, but I only notice them after I am not working anymore. Many things look prettier than before.

And then later after I had Marc, I got so busy that I could not keep up my blogging routine, I still blogged but only like hanging on to it and not stopping totally until I am ready again. I needed a long break and until Jan 2014, I seemed to get motivated again. My laptop and my DSLR are both functioning properly again all of a sudden. I didn’t try to fix them before and now yippee, they are working again, the laptop is no longer disconnecting from the Wi-Fi after 5 minutes I switched on and my Nikon D90, the focus is working again without fail after I took it to a camera shop and touched by the shop assistant for only seconds. By chance, I came across Praveen from Media Arcade in Jan in Facebook in a Food Photography Critique Group that he could design a customized blog theme for me. I was brave enough to let him to give a try. (I also messed up my blog myself by fiddling around and got lost and didn’t know how to move forward). Praveen was very friendly, helpful and we worked together according to my wishes of what I wanted and he made a speedy turnaround and got me a clean, tidy and user-friendly template that I am now very happy and comfortable to work on. So every thing seems to come together again. As for Marc, he has improved tremendously in his language skills. We are amazed with his responses from time to time and I want to make use this platform to note down some of our interactions, phrases or conversations. As my memory is getting bad, I can’t keep up with all the worth note-taking precious memories, I want to remember as much as possible and if not all, for more flashbacks in the future.

My style of cooking has shifted a bit, less craving on Chinese food but more adapting Asian cooking with the resources I could access here. I am trying to eat greener and cleaner, buying fresh vegetables directly from local farms or farmers’ market. This explains why I switched my tagline to “I eat it my way…” as my family and I cannot live without meat or dairy, don’t think we will ever will. However, I do feel the benefit from eating less meat now and then. My philosophy is to eat every thing in moderation, stay away from prepared and processed for as much as possible. Blessed that I can be at home and enjoy preparing our meals mostly from scratch but must amit that there are days I feel lazy to cook or move and luckily P is always happy to take over in the kitchen and prepare our dinner. He said the kitchen is always occupied by me, not sure if this is a complain or not. Or else, we will go out for casual dining.

So I guess that’s enough heads up from me, and here is another refreshing Japanese style salad for you which I can buy all ingredients here in Switzerland. I have to eat light after the ski weekend in Arosa.

Edamame tofu arame Salad. Arame is a type of seaweed which I find it does not taste fishy at all. The salad is pack with proteins, I can just take out from the fridge and scoop a few spoonful into my mouth as a snack.

For arame, I bought from Globus.

Frozen edamame, you can get from Negishi, Asian Groceries Store.

Fried tofu is more easily accessible than years ago, I get mine from COOP, any good quality local health stores, Hieber or Alnatura in Germany.

My other recipe with edamame:

Avocado and Tuna Cerviche


Marc looks very serious and concentrating.


Mommy,  look, this is ‘vies’ (dirty in Dutch)!



  • 1/3 cup dried arame
  • Fried tofu
  • 1 cup frozen edamame beans (shell removed)



  • 1 tbsp light soy sauce
  • 1/2 tbsp mirin
  • 1 tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1/2 tbsp cooking sake (optional)
  • 1 tbsp toasted sesame oil

The dressing is approximate measurements as I only drizzled a bit of every thing and it tasted right already. You can adjust accordingly, a little more this or a little less of that. The fried tofu I got from Hieber this time is already seasoned, and therefore do not need much soy sauce.



  1. Soak the arame in water for 20-30 minutes, drain and set aside. I cut the arame into shorter pieces using scissors. You can leave as it is if you wish but I find they are a little long. You can also briefly sauté the arame in a pan but I didn’t find this was necessary, even P didn’t find it fishy as he doesn’t like seaweed normally.
  2. Thaw the edamame, remove shells by hand. I rinsed the edamame with some cooked warm water, you can skip this step but I feel they freshen up the edamame and also clean them for a dual effect. Keep the edamame in a small bowl. Marc wants to help in the kitchen occasionally and removing the edamame from the shells is most suitable for him, neither messy nor dangerous. Happy Marc and happy mama!
  3. Cut the fried tofu into small cubes.
  4. Assemble the 3 ingredients in a small bowl, drizzle the dressing, mix and chill in the fridge for a while before serving.



The salad can be prepared in advanced and keep well for a few days.

It’s a great small side dish that goes well with your other Japanese or Asian dishes.

Somehow I could just eat just like that without anything to go with, like a little snack.





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  Recipe Type : Salad, Salad Dressings, Side Dish, Snack
  Preparation Time : 00:30
  Cooking Time :
  Total Time : 00:32
  Yield : 1 bowl
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    • Hi Sophie, thanks for your visiting! I m trying to come back to the blogosphere but not that easy!!! And I am trying to write some Chinese as don’t want to lose it and use here as my platform to practise. I have kept my previous URL private but if you would like to see my old posts. I can invite you to view them. I may repost some old posts if necessary, these days I use mainly iPhone to take my photos, not obsessed with DSLR, because of the Time. How are you otherwise? Sorry to hear about the news in Brussels, hope you are not affected. Take care and stay in touch! Love, Janet xoxo

      • I am reasonably okay. I still have got my chronic pain but we over outb of Brussels 4 years ago & bought our dream house with small garden in the outskirts of Mechelen. We also hire an allotment since 2 years & also blog about it! Growing your own vega & fruits organically , is very satisfying! xxx

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