First time making Korean Knife-Cut Noodle, Kalguksu !!!  

Last Monday, I saw a Korean Knife-Cut Noodle, Kalguksu, posted in Facebook by KC, the photo was taken from Kwangjang Market, a famous food market in Seoul. It immediately drew my interest and I went to search in the internet and found a few recipes on how to make Kalguksu at home. I saw one video from YouTube and saw this old lady made these noodles by sitting on the straw mat flooring (like tatami), from rolling the dough into a big thin noodle sheet using a big wooden pole to cutting into thin strips of noodle, her feet were bended and folded all the time. I definitely can’t do that, totally impressed.

I used the recipe from a friend in Instagram which the recipe called for 500g of flour. It ended up the dough was big and it was rather hard to knead until it became a smooth dough, if hubby is around probably he would find it easy. This is a Men’s size version, haha! Will make a smaller batch next time or if using 500g. I will call some friends over and will split into 2-3 doughs and knead together.

So instead of kneading by hand all the way through, I asked Marc to stomp on the dough. I did it by putting the dough in a big ziplock bag, lied a clean towel on the clean floor, placed the ziplock bag on the top and then lied a second towel on top.

Mommy, can I watch TV? I want to watch OKTONAUTEN (Octanauts Cartoon).

Dear, too much TV is not good for your eyes. Can you play something else? Shall we do some drawing together?

No, I want to watch DORA.

Marc, I said no TV.

I was kneading hard, catching a bit of breath and felt my wrists were getting a bit painful.

Mommy, what are you doing?

I am working, making noodle, Mien Mien. (Cantonese pronunciation of noodle).

Oh, *Mien Mien, can I see? I want to help? (He swirled round the corner with his Bobbi car, with one feet leaning on the seat and the other foot moving the car forward like riding a kid’s scooter.

You want to help? (He wants to help us out on every thing, from emptying the dryer; emptying the dishwasher, helping our cleaning lady mopping the floor; hoovering and washing the strawberries, **ALLES!!!

Everyone says I should enjoy it now as later they probably won’t be interested in this households anymore but only their toys, computers, sports and friends. I am not complaining at all, but some times they are too eager to help and can be dangerous.

So I try to think of the things that he can help and deem interesting to him.

How about you help me jumping on the noodle?


And it worked beautifully, saved me a lot of energy. If you watch the video clip, he enjoyed it a lot and hope that will burn out some of his energy and have an early night.

Well done Marc. Thank you.

You are welcome!

*Knuffel and Kusjes!!!  (Mommy and Marc hugged and kisses!)

Here is a short video clip of what he did: Marc gave me a big hand by stomping on the noodle dough.

I made a gochugang sauce, and added some silkened tofu to go with my kalguksu. The noodles were al dente. P liked it a lot and asked me to make a packed lunch for him for the following day. However, the noodle is too chewy for Marc, he is too young for this, udon suits him better.

Next time, I will make a smaller kalguksu dough to see if the kneading is easier.

*Mien Mien =麵麵 (Cantonese pronunciation of noodle)

**ALLES = ALL in German

***Knuffel and Kusjes = Hugs and Kisses in Dutch


























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  1. What a fun way to make them, apart too! 🙂 Hahaha! It worked in the end, didn’t it? The noodles look fabulous ,….MMMM!

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