Kinder Surprise for breakfast?!?! And my Veggie Kimbap with Kale

  Kinder Surprise for breakfast?!?! And my Veggie Kimbap with Kale  

It’s best to delay your kids exposing to confectionery.

I now know why my mom had stopped me and my brother from eating sweets or crisps for as much as possible. This is because after observing for days, I notice that Marc will cough quite badly in the middle of the night when he has eaten more sweets or chocolates. Luckily, the next morning the cough is gone but he keeps coming back and asks for more chocolate again and forgets what has happened to him the night before and he has cried so badly.

And lately Marc has been crazy about chocolate or sweets, in particular Kinder Surprise Eggs. He likes the toys inside of course.

Day 1, Morning

I wanted to have a 5-min soft-boil egg for breakfast.

Marc, do you want an egg too for breakfast?

Yes, mommy. I want chocolate eggs.


Day 2, Morning

Mommy, mommy. I want chocolate egg.

That was the first thing he said to me when he opened his eyes this morning.

You can’t have chocolate for breakfast.

Oh…. pause. I want chocolate bread.  (He means Nutella spread on bread.)

I don’t think that’s good too.

Al..right, can I have muesli and milk?

That you can have, my dear.


Day 2, Noon 

I was standing in front of the kitchen sink.

He came behind me and pulled my top.

Mommy mommy, I want chocolate egg.

You were coughing last night, Marc. You can’t have chocolate all the time.

Yes, I know but I STILL want chocolate egg.

What? What did you just say? You said STILL?

Yes, I STILL want chocolate egg, NOW!

NO, not now. First, you have lunch and maybe you can have one chocolate egg later, if you are a good boy.

Mommy is going to make rice rolls for tonight’s potluck party. When I finish, you can have one chocolate egg, ok?

Sure, mommy, mommy, I want to help.

Oh that’s nice. You can help me painting the kimbap (rice rolls) with sesame oil.

Able to distracted him from chocolate eggs in his head for a while by keeping him busy and doing something new.

In the end, he earned one Kinder Surprise Egg. This little man just won’t give up. He was so determined and kept asking me in every ten minutes. I am getting crazy with the mommy mommy mommy. I could not push back further, just have to make sure that he can’t have it too late in the afternoon or in the evening to minimize the chance from coughing at night. I want to prevent interrupted sleep.

You can only have one today, ok? Not two, because it will make you coughing at night.

He nodded happily with a grin.

Yes, yes only one. I PROMISE mommy!

And he really didn’t ask for more again that day.

So because we have a guest who is vegetarian that evening, I made a veggie version kimbap with the following ingredients. You can substitute the fried tofu with beef bulgogi, roast chicken, tuna or anything you can imagine for a normal kimbap. I would like to highlight here that I have used sauté kale with sesame oil and pinch of salt and ground cumin instead of using the normal spinach. It worked very well in my opinion as I love kale. P didn’t like it so much, he found the kale tasted a bit strong for him.

I never order kimbap in Korean restaurants before, as there are many other dishes to choose from but recently I started making myself for the third time already in two weeks. I find it very doable in Switzerland. Excellent idea for lunchbox for P. He doesn’t like seaweed normally but he said the kimbap doesn’t bother him and said I can make more often.

Where do I shop for my Korean cooking ingredients ?

In Zurich, there is this big Korean groceries store, YUMI HANA which you can find everything there.

  • YUMI HANA Address: Schüzengasse 4 & 7, Zürich

Otherwise, there are a few things I can buy from the various Asian groceries store here in Basel.




Veggie kimbap with kale and tofu









Veggie Kimbap

  • pickled radish
  •  sautéed carrots
  •  sautéed zucchini
  • fried egg
  • homemade kimchi
  • cucumber
  • fried tofu
  • surimi
  • seasoned brown rice and short grain rice
  • seaweed known as ‘kim’ in Korean)



Here are my current favorite korean food blogs and the links for kimbap/ gimbap recipes.



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