Chinese black soy milk (黑豆漿)

  Chinese black soy milk (黑豆漿)  

Chinese Black Soy milk 02

Talked to a friend long time ago, I was complaining about the expotentially growth of gray hair, it freaks me out, now I stop plucking them and try not to look into it so often. I do need to dye my hair more frequently than before, that’s life! Join the club as my mother and mother-in-law said to me! So my friends suggested me to eat anything that is black, namely black sesame seeds, black beans etc. One of them suggests me to make black bean and yellow soy bean milk. And after I got her recipe for a long time, I finally got the motivation to make from scratch, I don’t have a soy milk machine but it turned out that it is not that complicated or messy as all.

Thank you to my friend, Maria Leung for sharing her recipe with me.

Special equipments you need are:

  • a blender
  • a nut milk bag (I used a fish soup bag I got from Hong Kong, it works perfectly and next time I want to try the cotton diaper cloth, seems that should work as well)

Chinese Black Soy milk 03



Chinese Black Soy milk 04



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  • 1 cup organic yellow beans
  • 1/3 cup organic black beans
  • small piece of organic ginger, cut into small pieces
  • small piece of rock sugar or white sugar (adjust to your liking) or you can skip sugar if you prefer sugar free
  • 1000 ml water


  1. Soak the beans in water in a big bowl, leave for 6-8 hours or better overnight.
  2. Discard the soaking water, wash and drain the beans.
  3. Transfer the beans to a blender or food processor, pour in 500ml water. Blend in high speed. I used the soup mode for Blendtec.
  4. Place the nut milk bag in a big mixing bowl with the mouth wide open.
  5. Pour in the soy bean milk into the bag and collect the soy milk in the bowl. You will need to gently squeeze the bag to help to squeeze the soy milk out.
  6. I put a sieve on a pan and poured the strained soy milk onto the sieve to ensure no pulp is there. (But the photo showed that I omit this step next time.)
  7. Put the ginger and sugar into the soy milk, pour in the remaining 500ml and bring the milk to just boiling at low heat. Stir constantly to avoid burning and spilling.
  8. Turn off the heat when the sugar is completely dissolved.
  9. Serve warm or keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.



Other Info

  Recipe Type : Breakfast, Drinks
  Preparation Time : 09:00
  Cooking Time : 00:20
  Total Time : 09:20
  Yield : 800ml
  Rating :      

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