Homestyle quick version Peking Duck (家庭快版北京填鴨)  

其實當我公佈想嘗試加啲中文入我的部落格之後,真係有啲驚,因為自問中文水平淺和有限,但如果我越怕,便越少機會接觸中文。我在瑞士可以用中文對話的朋友,十隻手指可能都數得晒,大家又不能時常見面,就算識講廣東話都不是地道或完全流利的,見面時,最後都係講英文為多。點都好喇,思前想後,Bits & Bites 這個專欄正好可以俾我藉住這個空間發牢騷,吹吹水,寫得唔好請勿見怪,多多包涵,大家可不防告知我寫錯字,待我日後可以改進,我就在這兒獻醜獻醜!

阿仔今日返咗學一個小時後,我就接到老師電話話佢真係好唔舒服的樣子,但沒有發燒。佢其實由農曆新年開始咳,至今日仍未停,昨晚還説喉嚨痛。我立即和佢睇醫生,最後醫生都係無可避免之下,要配抗生素給服用。在學校佢就似隻病貓😿,返到屋企就成隻甩繩馬榴🙉,重非常開胃,成日話肚餓。好在佢都聽話肯食我煲的咸瘦肉粥 (聚火),不過佢話令佢成日要上廁喎,我話係好事,幫佢沖走啲唔好嘅嘢。

今晚煮湯通心粉過佢做晚餐,我解凍咗件鴨胸不能再流,便以最簡單嘅方法煎鴨胸,做咗家庭式快版的田鴨餐 (算得上係低澱粉餐嗎?),超易,啲油逼晒出嚟,但未夠脆,留返下次再改進,各下如有貼士 ,請分享!

Just when I have announced that I would like to write some Chinese in my blog, actually I am feeling a bit scared as my written Chinese is not good. However, I would like to give a try and only by doing this, I can have more exposure to the language. Anyway, the Bits and Bites page seems to be a very suitable platform for me to bla bla bla.

A few days ago, I have made a homestyle short cut quick version of Peking duck. There are still room for improvement to get the skin crispy. I think I need to put more salt on the skin next time, nevertheless, the doneness of the duck breast was perfect. I have only sprinkled salt and pepper and pinches of five spices on both sides. Next time I should remember to criss-cross cut the skin and generously apply a layer of salt on the skin side only. And I should put the duck breast in the oven after rendering the duck fat.

Peking duck with wrapper




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    • Thanks for this one, all ingredients are bought here. The wrappers were from Asian groceries store in Basel. The hoi sin sauce, you can even get from Manor I think, and the plum sauce I got from COOP. Cheers, Janet

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