Sunday in Rue de Martrys, 9ème, Paris  

OMG, I forgot that I have a draft post which I wrote last September after our last gals trip, a trip I wanted so much before I got relocated to New Jersey, US. and this is already a year ago! When will be our next trip, gals?

Just returned from Paris for a gals trip, a short and sweet 2-night stay. We left on Friday and returned on Sunday.

Sunday was the most memorable experience of the whole trip for me as I felt I spent the day like a Parisian.

We stayed at a boutique hotel called Hotel Arvor which is located in a quiet, private street, the room rate is very reasonable and the rooms are very clean, with contemporary design. The bed and beddings are very comfortable which we all slept extremely well. There is no air conditioner but we managed well with the windows opened and the fan provided.

Hotel Arvor is walking distance to The Louvre and the Sacred Coeur and Montmartre. On arrival, I got an impression that it is a very nice neighbourhood already from restaurants to daily necessities but I was not aware that we were just round the corner of the famous street Rue de Martrys until I have been and did more background search today after the trip.Â

On Saturday after a morning run down to Le Seine, we had breakfast at a café-bar at the foot of Rue de Martrys. We sat outside and directly opposite the other side of the street are fromargerie, boucherie, poissonerie, etc. I was already excited and said we gotta shop here for some food to take along for our train ride back to Switzerland as that would also be our dinner time.

Most shops are normally closed on Sunday we assumed except the bakeries. We started chatting up with the owner of the café-bar and he told us about that this street is Sunday market from 10-2pm which no cars are allowed to enter. So game on for Sunday!!!

So on Sat, we went up to Sacred Coeur along Rue de Martrys, and we went in and out of the small shops, we had so much fun and at the same time got an impression which shops we would want to get our food from.

So Sunday, we bought a pain du chocolat and croissant from Arnaud Delmontel to share, we then had a simple breakfast at Marlette, they use organic ingredients for their bread and patisserie. The soft boiled egg with crispy baguette and salted butter were absolutely yummy. The brunch looks very inviting but we need to save our stomach for lunch at Pho 14. It was good timing that we arrived before the long queue built up.

So after breakfast, we walked back down and picked up a roast duck which we had reserved when we walked up. The chef was so friendly as he seemed to recognize my face when I passed by on Saturday.

We bought a nice bottle or wine from La Cave D’es Martrys, thumbs up to the shop recommendation.

Then all of a sudden, I spotted Rose Bakery takeaway (I have the cookbook but I have never visited the deli itself) and without hesitation I had to check it out and then I found out that their café is under renovation and will be reopened on Monday. And so we picked our dessert there including the famous carrot cake.

Next stop, we bought a sheep cheese with ash and a delicious Brie from La Souris Gourmande.

The one next door is also very famous called Fromagerie Yves Chateignier which Yves and his wife Annick has run their shop for over 50 years.

And finally we got an artisan baguette and some grapes from Verger des Martrys.

Oh and last but not the least, I bought some fresh Petit Beurre from Sebastian Gaudard, a famous pâtisserie.

Look at our smiley faces!!!

So until next time, Paris!
If I ever come back to Paris, I will try to stay in this hotel again and go to have a meal at Le Bon Georges, it is a local favorite and one of the most popular restaurants in Paris.

Rue de Martrys, 9eme in New York Times







  Made best crêpes!!! I feel like a Parisienne this morning!  

Today : 9 Feb 2014 (Sunday), Stormy and rainy

Made a galette (buckwheat crêpe) batter yesterday, as it said it has to be chilled overnight in the fridge.

This morning, crawled out of bed, still half asleep. Went to the kitchen, took out the bowl of batter, left on the kitchen top and crawled back into bed. Recipe said the batter needs to be rest at room temperature for about an hour before frying.

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