Quinoa, sweet potato patties (迷你藜麥蕃薯餅)  

Quinoa patties 02


藜麥又名奎奴亞藜,英文名字 quinoa,讀作 Keen-wah,原產於南美洲安第斯山區,是印加土著居民的主糧,已至少有5,000多年歷史。


其豐富的營養價值和好處被列為完美營養食品 (superfood),被印加人譽為「榖物之母」(mothergrain)。它含豐富蛋白質,九種人體所需的氨基酸,維他命B,鐵質,鎂,奧米加三、纖維等。它的「四低」:低熱量,低脂,低糖,低鈉,不含膽固醇及麩質(gluten-free) 對維持心臟、心血管的健康,體重管理,對腸胃敏感者都很有幫助。但有泌尿問題人仕就要少吃,因藜麥和菠菜一樣,含草酸鹽,可引致結石。



在這兒我想和大家分享的就是這個迷你藜麥蕃薯餅。家裏有本德文烹飪書,書名: VEGAN LOVE STORY, Hiltl & Tibits-The Cookbook. Hiltl (1898年創辨是全世界第一間素食餐廳) 和 Tibits 均為瑞士很有名的素食餐廳。



A few weeks ago, there was a new Facebook group created for Bloggers in Switzerland. One of the bloggers, Walking on Mom has suggested to do a Round-Up of family-friendly vegetables-based recipes, so I am contributing this Quinoa, sweet potatoes patties which I have adapted from the Vegan Love Story, Hiltl & Tibits Cookbook.

Hiltl is the world first vegetarian restaurant, established since 1898. It is located in Zurich. Tibits belongs to Hiltl group, it is casual-dining and buffet style, first Tibits restaurant was started in 2000, and now can be found in Basel, Bern, Zurich, Lucern, Winterthur and London.

It’s truly amazing to see how veggie dishes can be prepared easily and tasty can fill you up and that you won’t miss the meat a bit.

Quinoa is seen a lot in salads, I find this is another nice idea to consume quinoa, these patties can be served as main meal alone or as a side-dish or finger-food.


Quinoa patties 01b



Quinoa patties 02a


Quinoa patties 03


Quinoa patties 04


Quinoa patties 06a



  Chinese black soy milk (黑豆漿)  

Chinese Black Soy milk 02

Talked to a friend long time ago, I was complaining about the expotentially growth of gray hair, it freaks me out, now I stop plucking them and try not to look into it so often. I do need to dye my hair more frequently than before, that’s life! Join the club as my mother and mother-in-law said to me! So my friends suggested me to eat anything that is black, namely black sesame seeds, black beans etc. One of them suggests me to make black bean and yellow soy bean milk. And after I got her recipe for a long time, I finally got the motivation to make from scratch, I don’t have a soy milk machine but it turned out that it is not that complicated or messy as all.

Thank you to my friend, Maria Leung for sharing her recipe with me.

Special equipments you need are:

  • a blender
  • a nut milk bag (I used a fish soup bag I got from Hong Kong, it works perfectly and next time I want to try the cotton diaper cloth, seems that should work as well)

Chinese Black Soy milk 03



Chinese Black Soy milk 04



Chinese Black Soy milk 05

  Bircher Muesli – gluten & dairy free version  

This is my first post after refreshing my blog with a new blog template. Thanks to Parveen for a quick turn around which saved me from not killing my blog by fiddling around. New year, new begin, I have transferred all my old posts to  janetching.wordpress.com.

As some of you may have aware that I am in the path of attempting to eat less meat and to divert my diet to more plant-based. I started in mid-July 2013 with juicing and green smoothie, and have been able to go jogging regularly. The efforts are paid off, I am happier now after finally almost losing those stubborn extra pounds. However, it is too cold lately to keep up with jogging outside and drinking green smoothie. Therefore after long consideration, I have signed up in a fitness centre. Surprisingly, I am liking it, I am adding on some resistance training on top of the cardio-training. As for green smoothie, I am drinking much less recently due to the freezing cold winter. I am trying to keep drinking enough fluids which is my weakest link. But this has not stopped me from eating healthily. And today I want to share with you my other version of Bircher muesli inspired by Tibits, the popular vegetarian restaurant in Switzerland and London.

You can find my previous version of Bircher Muesli here which was posted in 2010. The main difference is that I am not using dairy milk but plant milk and have incorporated some superfood and the nice color immersed from the frozen raspberries.

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