Malaysian Chicken Curry (馬來咖喱雞)  

Looking to Davos Dorf from coming the ski slope

Looking to Davos Dorf from coming the ski slope

復活節假期間我哋一家三口去咗Davos ‘hea’ 咗幾日,入住我喜愛的 Intercontinental Davos, 建築物形象隻金蛋,就想起來對復活節很給應景。因只逗留數天,所以沒有入住渡假屋,那些要住上一星期才可。這兒有很完善的Kids Club, 隨時可以放低阿仔去玩,大人便可鬆一鬆,去spa 或book 個按摩疏乎吓😃。



風境雖靚,但食方面就較為失望,原本在酒店設有唔錯的日本料理,但已轉為意大利餐廳。另外我們熟悉的中菜菜館又被Casino 佔據,所以天天都要食西餐,回到家第二晚下煮我便提意簡簡單單煮馬來咖喱雞,反正有一大樽自家制的馬來咖哩粉,很方便,P完全舉腳贊同,講到咖喱他一定不會反對。另外我就做台灣肉燥飯給阿仔,剩下來的可以分小份冷藏,供打後他的星期三午餐享用。

做馬來咖喱, 你可用現成購買到的馬來咖喱粉, 又或可用自制的咖喱粉。


Last week was Easter holiday, we had a short getaway in Davos, Switzerland. We stayed at Intercontinental Davos, I called it the big Golden Easter egg to Marc, perfect for the occasion, and because I didn’t allow him to eat more chocolate eggs these days since he had not recovered from his cold and bad cough. We chose this place because they have a very well-equipped Kids Club, with all kinds of activities during the day, so the parents can take a short break to go skiing or to the spa area to relax a bit.

The weather on our first day was not great, it was even snowing, so we didn’t do much, went to our favorite Coffee place, called Kaffee Klatsch and hanged out a bit there and then we went to the Spa, but that was just what we all needed, to relax!!!!!

The second day and onwards, we had blue sky, went skiing for a bit but not too much as I actually had a small injured on my knee in early February from skiing, nothing was broken, blessed and I was happy already that I could make numerous descends. One of us had to stay with Marc, so could not go to far anyway, I took the nearest chairlift up by myself at St Jakobshorn, 4 descends and then I could feel my injured area, that signalled that it was enough for the day and I should not to push further.

The scenery in Davos was breathtaking, especially at this place called where it is very popular for ski-touring. It was so untouched and looked as if heaven on earth.

The food was rather disappointing, there are many nice eateries but mostly Swiss or Western style, the dishes are on the heavy and rich side. Previous years, we have two favorite eateries in Davos, one is the Chinese restaurant called Zauberberg, they served authentic Chinese dishes but don’t know since when they have closed down. The second one which is a Japanese restaurant in the hotel here has changed into an Italian restaurant. That’s why we would rather eat at Kaffee Klatch as the food is lighter and the place is always cozy.

As a result, when we got home, I was desperate for some Asian food and I proposed to make Malaysian Chicken Curry. With curry, P would never say no. So as promised earlier, here is the recipe with my Homemade Malaysian Curry Powder I prepared not long ago.

You can use store-bought Malaysian curry powder but here I refer to the use of Homemade Malaysian Curry Powder my homemade Malaysian curry powder.

Intercontinental Davos 01

Golden Egg, Intercontinental Davos

Sunbathing on the terrace

Sunbathing on the terrace

Me and Marc

Me and Marc

Enjoying under the sun

Enjoying under the sun


Late lunch at Kaffee Klatsch

Lunch at Kaffee Klatsch


Cozy atmosphere at Kaffee Klatsch, opens 365 days

Cozy atmosphere at Kaffee Klatsch, opens 365 days


This asparagus pasta was light and delicious, creamy but not too creamy.

This asparagus pasta was light and delicious, creamy but not too creamy.


Dry Aged Pork Chop

Dry Aged Pork Chop, this was awarded with Swiss Gourmet Porc Grand Cru. This was aged for 3 weeks, claimed to have unique flavors. However, I was not impressed, the piece of meat looked big but half of it I had to removed because it was all fat.









  Homemade Malaysian Curry Powder  

I don’t have Malaysian or Singapore roots but people in Hong Kong loves the Asian curry too. My mom used to use the Yeo’s brand, the sauce that is sold in a can. Then came to Switzerland, it is not easily accessible to buy the Malaysian (Nyonya) curry powder. One time I saw the Malaysian curry powder in the Asian groceries store, I was so thrilled and bought 2 packets and thereafter I was using it so carefully that because I thought it would run out quickly.

Last Sunday, a Singaporean friend shared her food photo that she had just made a Singapore Chicken Curry, she bought her curry powder from her hometown. Then I thought, maybe it’s possible to make it at home myself. So I searched online and found a few recipes and have picked this one from Echo’s Kitchen. I looked at the list, I have most spices at home, then crazy enough, I headed to town in the afternoon to get the missing spices from the Indian groceries shop which is opened 7 days a week.

I was rather excited and could not wait until Monday. The most important thing you need is a grinder or a good blender, I used my Blendtec.

Now I can make Malaysian Chicken Curry as many times I want without worrying of running out of spices, heavenly!

The next day without delay, I immediately made the chicken curry to test if the curry powder is satisfactory and authentic enough. It was amazing, thumbs up by both hubby and me! The recipe is definitely a keeper that I have to keep a copy in my blog! Thank you Echo’s Kitchen for sharing your family recipe with us!


Malay Curry Pdr 02


Malay Curry Pdr 03


Malay Curry Pdr 04


Malay Curry Pdr 05


Malay Curry Pdr 07

Malay chicken curry