Basic Homemade Tomato Sauce (Sugo)  


Pollença, Mallorca, Spain



Aedermannsdorf, Soloturn, Switzerland

6 weeks of summer holidays were over, we had a great time. First week we spent in Mallorca, Spain; then back in Basel, in-laws came to visit and celebrated Marc’s birthday together. Then we spent the remaining 3 weeks in Hong Kong visiting my parents, in the meantime, we all spent a few days in Okinawa, Japan together. We were very lucky with the weather most of the time, gorgeous beaches with fine sand and turquoise water, heavenly!

Up in the air

Up in the air of Hong Kong



Okinawa, Japan

Coming back, it’s back to normal, back to real life. Marc starts at Primary school, luckily first week went well so far.

As for me, I needed to restock some food supply for home, we had nothing in the house, so we went to Manor last Saturday after some unpacking. We planned to make fish tacos last weekend and needed some tomatoes and there I saw SAN MARZANO tomatoes!!! I got very excited already as I was already looking for them in the farm near home but didn’t see that day. So quickly grabbed 2 kilos to make some fresh homemade Italian tomato sauce (Sugo). I got this recipe from my friend Sarah, from her mother-in-law. She is Italian, so of course the recipe is authentic!!!!

Making sugo was quite a lot work but the making of it was very therapeutic. I am so happy to see the local produce, after coming back here, the colors are much vivid, vibrant, shiny and inviting.

In Hong Kong, the imported vegetables and fruits look more dull and expensive, that explains why we should best eat the seasonal local produce.

So sitting in my iPhone some notes and keywords of how to make Sugo, I thought I should write it up and share with those who are interested.

San Marzano tomatoes

So excited to see the San Marzano Tomatoes, first day returned from holidays.

  Korean Pajeon (pancake) with Wild Garlic (Bärlauch) from scratch  

Sunday hiking in Aargau

春天終於到了! 這段期間在樹林和朋友的花園長滿「野蒜葉」。朋友給我一大袋,用來做什麼好呢?剛巧見到一位瑞士的部落格朋友提意 用來做韓式薄餅,又幾好喎,就試試看,反正近排很久沒有見到有韭菜賣。我呢次用了野蒜葉,翠玉瓜,紅蘿蔔和小墨魚做薄餅。


星期天,我哋到  Veltheim, Aargau, 短程行山,沿途P 指出一大片長滿野蒜草的地方,我都是第一次在大自然接觸咋。
Spring is here! In the woods and some friends backyards, you can find wild garlic (also known as ramps? ) growing here and there.(in German, it’s called Bärlauch). I got a bag from a friend, what should I do with them? I have made pesto last year but took ages to finish and the taste is rather strong. Then I saw a Swiss-based blogger Cooking at Hinterberg who has suggested to use to make Korean Pajeon, I thought this is a great idea so I gave a go. Koreans normally use chives, spring onions or kimchi and with or without seafood, I use some calamari this time.

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  Malaysian Chicken Curry (馬來咖喱雞)  

Looking to Davos Dorf from coming the ski slope

Looking to Davos Dorf from coming the ski slope

復活節假期間我哋一家三口去咗Davos ‘hea’ 咗幾日,入住我喜愛的 Intercontinental Davos, 建築物形象隻金蛋,就想起來對復活節很給應景。因只逗留數天,所以沒有入住渡假屋,那些要住上一星期才可。這兒有很完善的Kids Club, 隨時可以放低阿仔去玩,大人便可鬆一鬆,去spa 或book 個按摩疏乎吓😃。



風境雖靚,但食方面就較為失望,原本在酒店設有唔錯的日本料理,但已轉為意大利餐廳。另外我們熟悉的中菜菜館又被Casino 佔據,所以天天都要食西餐,回到家第二晚下煮我便提意簡簡單單煮馬來咖喱雞,反正有一大樽自家制的馬來咖哩粉,很方便,P完全舉腳贊同,講到咖喱他一定不會反對。另外我就做台灣肉燥飯給阿仔,剩下來的可以分小份冷藏,供打後他的星期三午餐享用。

做馬來咖喱, 你可用現成購買到的馬來咖喱粉, 又或可用自制的咖喱粉。


Last week was Easter holiday, we had a short getaway in Davos, Switzerland. We stayed at Intercontinental Davos, I called it the big Golden Easter egg to Marc, perfect for the occasion, and because I didn’t allow him to eat more chocolate eggs these days since he had not recovered from his cold and bad cough. We chose this place because they have a very well-equipped Kids Club, with all kinds of activities during the day, so the parents can take a short break to go skiing or to the spa area to relax a bit.

The weather on our first day was not great, it was even snowing, so we didn’t do much, went to our favorite Coffee place, called Kaffee Klatsch and hanged out a bit there and then we went to the Spa, but that was just what we all needed, to relax!!!!!

The second day and onwards, we had blue sky, went skiing for a bit but not too much as I actually had a small injured on my knee in early February from skiing, nothing was broken, blessed and I was happy already that I could make numerous descends. One of us had to stay with Marc, so could not go to far anyway, I took the nearest chairlift up by myself at St Jakobshorn, 4 descends and then I could feel my injured area, that signalled that it was enough for the day and I should not to push further.

The scenery in Davos was breathtaking, especially at this place called where it is very popular for ski-touring. It was so untouched and looked as if heaven on earth.

The food was rather disappointing, there are many nice eateries but mostly Swiss or Western style, the dishes are on the heavy and rich side. Previous years, we have two favorite eateries in Davos, one is the Chinese restaurant called Zauberberg, they served authentic Chinese dishes but don’t know since when they have closed down. The second one which is a Japanese restaurant in the hotel here has changed into an Italian restaurant. That’s why we would rather eat at Kaffee Klatch as the food is lighter and the place is always cozy.

As a result, when we got home, I was desperate for some Asian food and I proposed to make Malaysian Chicken Curry. With curry, P would never say no. So as promised earlier, here is the recipe with my Homemade Malaysian Curry Powder I prepared not long ago.

You can use store-bought Malaysian curry powder but here I refer to the use of Homemade Malaysian Curry Powder my homemade Malaysian curry powder.

Intercontinental Davos 01

Golden Egg, Intercontinental Davos

Sunbathing on the terrace

Sunbathing on the terrace

Me and Marc

Me and Marc

Enjoying under the sun

Enjoying under the sun


Late lunch at Kaffee Klatsch

Lunch at Kaffee Klatsch


Cozy atmosphere at Kaffee Klatsch, opens 365 days

Cozy atmosphere at Kaffee Klatsch, opens 365 days


This asparagus pasta was light and delicious, creamy but not too creamy.

This asparagus pasta was light and delicious, creamy but not too creamy.


Dry Aged Pork Chop

Dry Aged Pork Chop, this was awarded with Swiss Gourmet Porc Grand Cru. This was aged for 3 weeks, claimed to have unique flavors. However, I was not impressed, the piece of meat looked big but half of it I had to removed because it was all fat.









  Sushi Handroll à la table (桌面自助手卷)  


今早一送咗阿仔返學,我便直接揸車過徳國 Las Burg 接收在網上的購物,因遊寄到瑞士地址有很多候收件時郵差往往要收稅,所以雖然 話免運費,我都係唔想冒險,唔係又激到一頭煙。住在巴塞意 (Basel )就係有這個好處,過德國和法國話都無噤快,就過咗邊境,就好似香港過深圳一樣。現在如果無車,坐八號電車可直接過到德國 Weil am Rhein, 上年终於通車。

我的第一個中國香港同胞朋友 Carmen 就住在附近,whatsapp 過佢,睇吓有沒有空短聚片刻,了解吓大家的近況。好朋友就是這樣,突然其來的一個信息,不介意沒有什麼預備下見面。見到她的📷攝影事業已走上軌道,蒸蒸日上,找到自己的目標和理想實在為她高興!我也很興奮地講述我的部落格的改動和方向。

如果你有對家庭合照,結婚照有興趣,可到以下網址查看佢的portfolio,Carmen 最擅長外景拍攝,個人風格時尚,映到每個人的自然美,不得不贊👍!我的profile photo 便就是她用iPhone即興隨意拍攝,當日佢還幫我set 頭化妝,那天其實係我哋的 Ladies’ nite out!三個女士勁難得可以放下家人出外鬆一鬆!

請按下連結:Carmen Wong Fisch Photography

探訪完Carmen 之後,便差不多要接仔放學,今日星期三,中午早放要預備午餐給我倆,但近日佢因久咳不未痊癒,所以要戒口和食得清淡,湯通粉,粥等等,已用了數餐,開始有微言投訴,我自己也一樣,所以一路揸車一邊想,想起以前到Carmen 舊居,佢為我預備的自助手卷午餐,很懷念之前的午餐約會呀!不過又學到嘢,原來將預備嘅材料通通放在碟和桌上,自選配搭即場包手卷享用,談笑風生多好。



今日真是節目豐富,下了多天雨和雪,今日難得天朗氣清,P答應M如天氣許可便帶佢去放他的微型飛機, 佢終於得償所願,不過我都睇得好開心😀!


One Fine Day

Morning: Quick meet-up with good friend, midday: made sushi handroll là la table, afternoon: tried out Marc’s mini plane

This morning right after I dropped off Marc at school, I went directly to Las Burg in Weil Am Rhein to pick up my online shopping. A lot of people who live in Switzerland would choose this method since a lot of times the delivery charge to Switzerland is more expensive and sometimes we even have to pay the tax incurred.

My friend Carmen who just lives nearby, was luckily available to meet up briefly for a quick coffee and catch up. She is my first Cantonese speaking friend here. We used to meet up for lunch at her old place, and she always came up with brilliant and creative lunch ideas. However, now that she has developed her own photography business, she hardly has any spare time anymore. Nevertheless, I am truly happy for her that she has found her business venture. Her photos are amazing, she is good at outdoor shootings and can capture the natural beauty of every individual, be it for an expecting mother or a newborn or a wedding occasion or a family.

If you are interested, please check out her portfolio in her website, you can book a session with her when you travel to Switzerland next time:

Please click for hyperlink: Carmen Wong Fisch Photography


So after a quick catch-up, it was almost time to pick up Marc already. Wednesday is his short day, I would need to prepare lunch for us both. However, he has this cough lingering for weeks, I have to be careful of what to give him. I have made rice porridge, soup macaronic or noodles repeatedly and he is beginning to get bored with them.  So on the way home, I recalled one sushi handroll lunch I had with Carmen. She made it so interesting that we could wrap, eat and chat at the same time. So I made a simplified version.

No raw fish but still very tasty and healthy! Other ingredients you can use include avocados, carrots, tofu, etc. I just used what is available and suitable from my fridge.

After lunch, Marc had sports class and then we went to try out his little plane in an open field. He was lucky as we had days of miserable weather and this day we had clear blue sky, perfect timing.


A lot of action today!

A lot of action today!

Run baby run

Run baby run!


  Korean Glass Noodle (Japchae)  

Somehow every time I make Japchae, it’s hard to just make a small portion, all the ingredients add up together will make a big bowl. I wish my good friends live nearby so I could just let them know and they come over to have some. One time I did cook and then packed into boxes and delivered to my friends. However, this is not feasible anymore, weekdays are busier in his second year of kindergarden, more after school activities, driving, cooking, giving him shower and putting him to bed on time.

Japchae requires a lot of chopping but with a bit advanced planning and preparation, it didn’t stop me to enjoy this dish on a busy day. This time I didn’t use spinach but cabbage instead and added something else, worked perfectly and now I found out the tricks of how not to make the sweet potato noodle sticking together. Thanks to Maangchi’s recipe.

For ingredients, I used cabbage, carrots, zucchini, beef, enoki mushrooms, bean sprouts, cloud fungus, Chinese mushrooms, eggs. For meatless version, you can use fried tofu and more eggs instead of beef. You don’t necessary use spinach, I just use whatever I have at home and it worked.  You can serve with or without rice. Marc enjoyed it very much with rice.

Good thing is that Tuesdays I have TRX, so I don’t have to worry about cooking tomorrow.

  Chinese Ginger & Spring Onion Lobster Egg Noodle Recipe (上湯薑蔥龍蝦燴麵)  

Living in Basel, Switzerland is not easy to find live seafood at all. So when I came across live crabs across the French border, my eyes  could not get off the water tank. Then later my friend told me that they have live lobsters when it’s season which in around this time in November, I went to check it out last year but unfortunately the water tank was ‘kaputt’ broken. So this year, a few days ago, I went to try my luck again. And I was lucky this time.


I have never cooked lobster before. This was my first time ever. The lobsters here are not as big as those Australian lobsters I have in Hong Kong. Here I guess mostly under 1 kg on average. The one I chose was just less than 700g and cost me about EUR 25  (1kg cost EUR 36.8)which I thought not too bad.

The Cantonese way of preparing lobster is unbeatable in my opinion. The cooking part is pretty easy I found, the challenging part was how to cut the lobster in pieces. I googled and found out the easiest way to place the lobster in the freezer for an hour or so. Then take it out, remove its head, clean up the internal parts, removed the unwanted part and cut into pieces. I am not going into details for this part as probably my vegan friends will find it cruel.

And the end results I was very delighted, Marc enjoyed it a lot especially the noodles. I guess after the first trial, I need to make again before the season ends. So here, I quickly archived the lobster egg noodle recipe for future use.

Hommard bleu 01

Hommard Bleu

Hommard bleu

  Raw Tomato Sauce Spaghetti  

Just returned from a week holiday in Holland, we were really really lucky with the weather, the entire week, we could wear short sleeves. Had 3 days cycling, visiting family and friends, it was a relaxing and pleasant week to us all.

The holiday house we stayed is located in the National Park Weerriben, our house was near the water with duckies visiting us in the morning and rabbits in the evening.

When you are on holiday, it is best to prepare something which requires little preparation and since the weather was so warm, I thought a raw tomato sauce spaghetti would be very appropriate. It was so nice sitting on our terrace to enjoy the pasta and appreciate the nature surroundings.





  Kinder Surprise for breakfast?!?! And my Veggie Kimbap with Kale  

It’s best to delay your kids exposing to confectionery.

I now know why my mom had stopped me and my brother from eating sweets or crisps for as much as possible. This is because after observing for days, I notice that Marc will cough quite badly in the middle of the night when he has eaten more sweets or chocolates. Luckily, the next morning the cough is gone but he keeps coming back and asks for more chocolate again and forgets what has happened to him the night before and he has cried so badly.

And lately Marc has been crazy about chocolate or sweets, in particular Kinder Surprise Eggs. He likes the toys inside of course.

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  Edamame tofu arame Salad & a Flashback  

A flashback from 2009

One of those trips I travelled with P along his business trips.

In the plane, flying from Basel to London.

Air hostess came to distribute the Landing cards.

Filling the Landing card as usual until ……….

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  Lotus Root Green Salad with Sesame Dressing  

Last week I found lotus root in the local Asian grocery store. Chinese New Year is approaching, lotus root is a popular vegetable during this time as it keeps well for quite a long time. I remembered my mom would buy this and chinese leaves to keep at home as during New Year, in the past, people will not go to market for the first 2 days and therefore you will have enough vegetable at home. Lotus root is called “年耦” We have a saying 年藕年藕, 年年都有. Of which the pronunciation of lotus root sounds like you will have it every year, and we meant food and wealth keep coming every year, and therefore you won’t have shortage of food, money, etc. My parents kept reminding me that in their old days, they don’t have as well food supply as we do nowadays, and remind us not to waste food.

Last year I have made panfried lotus root with minced pork and shrimp and a red bean curd dipping sauce. Another common dish to make is Lotus root and pork belly stew with Red bean curd. I have made this last week. The lotus root I bought comes in 4 sections, so I can probably prepare 3-4 different dishes. I wrap each section with kitchen paper and then place them in a ziplock bag, so far they keep well.

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