Korean Hotpot Noodle  

Oh gosh, it’s been almost 3 months since I last posted. Life has been extremely busy because of our move. We have moved in for almost 2 months but still a lot to do, we still need to look for lamps, curtains, etc. Our new nest has four floors so many stairs to walk up and down and first week was pretty exhausting, Peter and I both got muscle ache from carrying the stuffs up and down.

DSC_0718 DSC_0726

Marc has started Kindergarten in August and blessed that he is doing very well and is enjoying very much at school. I was previously a bit worried that he had to increased from 3 days to 5 days to school and he has to be at school half an hour earlier than preschool but all these worries seems to be unnecessary. He even asks for going to school when he was having his school holidays. He likes doing his homework. And his German is progressing well and even correct my German.

Me: Your German is better than mama’s. You can teach me German.

Marc: My German is better than your German. I can teach you.

Me: Yes, you can teach me German and I can teach you Chinese and English.

Marc: I want to learn Chinese, so I can speak Chinese to her.

10 days ago, he had to perform at school for the Halloween party, last year he was very shy and won’t join the group singing but this year, he managed very well. Like all parents, I was almost feeling a bit emotional, witnessing he is growing and progressing everyday.

Up to now, he is still eager to help my households, he has insisted to help me to carry the cleaned folded washing upstairs to the bedrooms; he helps during I wash my car; he will help me to put the clean dishes back to the cupboard, etc. I am enjoying his helpfulness while it lasts.

We also share a little secret, it’s Belly to Belly ! It’s solely a mommy n’ son’s secret. Something I want to remember forever.

As for myself, I seem to have more time since he goes to school 5 days a week. However, I still feel not having enough time. Probably because of the new home, there are workers coming in and out from time to time. I was hoping to go to fitness 3 times weekly but twice weekly is the best I can managed so far. I was given a new set of strength training exercises a few weeks ago and instead of counting in reps, I now have to use the stopwatch, i.e. aim as many reps in 45 secs or 1 min. This is much harder to my taste so sometimes feel I have to drag myself a little to the fitness studio. I get muscle ache the following day and need 2 days rest before my next attempt. But once I started, I managed to finish the workout, then it feels good.

Frankly, I didn’t try much new dishes, also a reason of not posting. I have been cooking more Korean dishes recently. And this post I would like to share the Korean hotpot noodle which is my favorite when I was in Hong Kong. You can eat as a main dish.

My food blogger friend, Peter @HomeCooking Diary has shared this recipe with me years ago and I have made twice and this time I thought I have to post it for future use instead of keep searching in my mailbox.

To Peter: Many thanks for getting this recipe for me from your friend. It is delicious and tasted just like I had it in the Korean restaurant in Hong Kong. Hope all is well on your side.


Below are photos of how this Korean hotpot noodle looks like when I had it in Hong Kong, the fresh noodles of course is even better than the frozen one, personally I loves the texture of these fresh noodles, more bouncy than the Japanese ones:

Korean Hotpot Noodle in HK

Korean Hotpot Noodle

  Chinese Turnip Cake (Lo Bak Gao, 蘿蔔糕)  

Chinese Turnip Cake, Lo Pak Gao 蘿蔔糕,  is my all time favorite, you can find this all year round in Dim Sum restaurants. Yet, you can never compare with homemade ones, as they are far more tasty than the commercial ones, the ones in the restaurants usually are rather stiff and do not have enough turnips and taste too floury.

I am actually reposting this recipe, I hope to post some nicer photos. I haven’t made it for a long time. I am very happy that this is is very successful which proved this recipe truly works. Just remember the 5:1 Radish : Rice Flour ratio, the amount of stock is same as the amount of the rice flour. e.g. 350g white flour, you will need 350ml of stock. Of course, you may need to adjust the amount of flour and or liquid if necessary to get the correct consistency.

Long story cut short, as I hope to post this in time before the Year of Wood Horse arrives. I wish you all a very successful and healthy year !!!!!

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