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  Homemade Malaysian Curry Powder  

I don’t have Malaysian or Singapore roots but people in Hong Kong loves the Asian curry too. My mom used to use the Yeo’s brand, the sauce that is sold in a can. Then came to Switzerland, it is not easily accessible to buy the Malaysian (Nyonya) curry powder. One time I saw the Malaysian curry powder in the Asian groceries store, I was so thrilled and bought 2 packets and thereafter I was using it so carefully that because I thought it would run out quickly.

Last Sunday, a Singaporean friend shared her food photo that she had just made a Singapore Chicken Curry, she bought her curry powder from her hometown. Then I thought, maybe it’s possible to make it at home myself. So I searched online and found a few recipes and have picked this one from Echo’s Kitchen. I looked at the list, I have most spices at home, then crazy enough, I headed to town in the afternoon to get the missing spices from the Indian groceries shop which is opened 7 days a week.

I was rather excited and could not wait until Monday. The most important thing you need is a grinder or a good blender, I used my Blendtec.

Now I can make Malaysian Chicken Curry as many times I want without worrying of running out of spices, heavenly!

The next day without delay, I immediately made the chicken curry to test if the curry powder is satisfactory and authentic enough. It was amazing, thumbs up by both hubby and me! The recipe is definitely a keeper that I have to keep a copy in my blog! Thank you Echo’s Kitchen for sharing your family recipe with us!


Malay Curry Pdr 02


Malay Curry Pdr 03


Malay Curry Pdr 04


Malay Curry Pdr 05


Malay Curry Pdr 07

Malay chicken curry