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  Sushi Handroll à la table (桌面自助手卷)  


今早一送咗阿仔返學,我便直接揸車過徳國 Las Burg 接收在網上的購物,因遊寄到瑞士地址有很多候收件時郵差往往要收稅,所以雖然Amazon.de 話免運費,我都係唔想冒險,唔係又激到一頭煙。住在巴塞意 (Basel )就係有這個好處,過德國和法國話都無噤快,就過咗邊境,就好似香港過深圳一樣。現在如果無車,坐八號電車可直接過到德國 Weil am Rhein, 上年终於通車。

我的第一個中國香港同胞朋友 Carmen 就住在附近,whatsapp 過佢,睇吓有沒有空短聚片刻,了解吓大家的近況。好朋友就是這樣,突然其來的一個信息,不介意沒有什麼預備下見面。見到她的📷攝影事業已走上軌道,蒸蒸日上,找到自己的目標和理想實在為她高興!我也很興奮地講述我的部落格的改動和方向。

如果你有對家庭合照,結婚照有興趣,可到以下網址查看佢的portfolio,Carmen 最擅長外景拍攝,個人風格時尚,映到每個人的自然美,不得不贊👍!我的profile photo 便就是她用iPhone即興隨意拍攝,當日佢還幫我set 頭化妝,那天其實係我哋的 Ladies’ nite out!三個女士勁難得可以放下家人出外鬆一鬆!

請按下連結:Carmen Wong Fisch Photography

探訪完Carmen 之後,便差不多要接仔放學,今日星期三,中午早放要預備午餐給我倆,但近日佢因久咳不未痊癒,所以要戒口和食得清淡,湯通粉,粥等等,已用了數餐,開始有微言投訴,我自己也一樣,所以一路揸車一邊想,想起以前到Carmen 舊居,佢為我預備的自助手卷午餐,很懷念之前的午餐約會呀!不過又學到嘢,原來將預備嘅材料通通放在碟和桌上,自選配搭即場包手卷享用,談笑風生多好。



今日真是節目豐富,下了多天雨和雪,今日難得天朗氣清,P答應M如天氣許可便帶佢去放他的微型飛機, 佢終於得償所願,不過我都睇得好開心😀!


One Fine Day

Morning: Quick meet-up with good friend, midday: made sushi handroll là la table, afternoon: tried out Marc’s mini plane

This morning right after I dropped off Marc at school, I went directly to Las Burg in Weil Am Rhein to pick up my online shopping. A lot of people who live in Switzerland would choose this method since a lot of times the delivery charge to Switzerland is more expensive and sometimes we even have to pay the tax incurred.

My friend Carmen who just lives nearby, was luckily available to meet up briefly for a quick coffee and catch up. She is my first Cantonese speaking friend here. We used to meet up for lunch at her old place, and she always came up with brilliant and creative lunch ideas. However, now that she has developed her own photography business, she hardly has any spare time anymore. Nevertheless, I am truly happy for her that she has found her business venture. Her photos are amazing, she is good at outdoor shootings and can capture the natural beauty of every individual, be it for an expecting mother or a newborn or a wedding occasion or a family.

If you are interested, please check out her portfolio in her website, you can book a session with her when you travel to Switzerland next time:

Please click for hyperlink: Carmen Wong Fisch Photography


So after a quick catch-up, it was almost time to pick up Marc already. Wednesday is his short day, I would need to prepare lunch for us both. However, he has this cough lingering for weeks, I have to be careful of what to give him. I have made rice porridge, soup macaronic or noodles repeatedly and he is beginning to get bored with them.  So on the way home, I recalled one sushi handroll lunch I had with Carmen. She made it so interesting that we could wrap, eat and chat at the same time. So I made a simplified version.

No raw fish but still very tasty and healthy! Other ingredients you can use include avocados, carrots, tofu, etc. I just used what is available and suitable from my fridge.

After lunch, Marc had sports class and then we went to try out his little plane in an open field. He was lucky as we had days of miserable weather and this day we had clear blue sky, perfect timing.


A lot of action today!

A lot of action today!

Run baby run

Run baby run!